Original male as hatchling from 2009


     I started this project Lemon albino L.t. nelsoni in 2009. This year I bought a very unusual color male from my friend from Albinosnakes.cz. This snake was marked by an extremely yellow pigment and a red tipping in white banded In 2011 I got this male first offspring. I breed with the female classic Albino nelsoni
In 2015 I first bred Lemon Albino L.t.nelsoni. Each litter was always about half the hatchlings with more yellow pigments of varying intensity. I therefore think that this new,amazing mutation is a genetically recessive.
Some animals are really very yellow. It's all  pure Lampropeltis t.nelsoni. And I believe this is very interesting new genetically stable and perspective mutation for Lampropeltis fans.

                                 Some hatchlings are very intensive yellow.



                      Comparison Clasic Albino and intensive Lemon albino L.t.nelsoni hatchlings...


                          … and adults.



Lampropeltis t.nelsoni NZ 2022


Clutch A - Lemon Albino het Hypoeritristic 




A3F  Lemon Albino het Hypoer. eating live  120€