About my Micro Scale Corn snakes :

In 2012 and 2013 I met several times with the originator of this  new mutation of corn snakes, Barbara Velthuysen from the Netherlands.

From Barbara I got a trio of 1.2 corn snakes 100% hetero Micro Scale.

My Micro Scale breeding animals are offsprings of this trio.


My MICRO SCALES , male klasic het Snow,female Vanishing Striped Anery het Albino


This season i can offer 100% het Micro Scale from breed male Micro Scale het Snow and female Tessera Anery het Albino. All hatchlings are 100% het Micro Scale

Mating of parents


I seling female only as pairs -  550€/pair  *** Last pair for sale***

                                        Male Klasic  250€

                                       Male Tessera  300€

C1M Tessera het M.S,het Anery,66% p.het Albino


C2M Tessera het M.S.,het Anery,66% p.het Albino



C9M Klasic het M.S.,het Anery,66% p.het Albino



C11F Tessera het M.S.,het Anery,66% pos.het Albino